HUD 2530 Consulting and HUD Secure Systems

Our firm serves clients from around the country. We provide up to date regulatory guidance and best practices for filing and maintaining an organization's HUD Regulatory documents, with an added emphasis on the HUD 2530 process. Whether you are new to HUD or an established organization we can assist in your transactional needs.

Applicants that want to participate in HUD’s Multifamily and the Office of Healthcare Programs must file a HUD 2530.

HUD Transactional Guidance

The HUD 2530 Previous Participation Certification is a risk management tool. HUD uses the application to measure the risk factor for doing business with an organization. Approval for new or further participation is a privilege earned with a good record and a history of responsible performance.

HUD 2530 Previous Participation Certification Services:

HUD 2530 Previous Participation Certification Services

  • Perform a regulatory review of your organization
  • File and track an application for New Business through the approval process.
  • File applications for Triggering Events (changes in a business)
  • Perform clean-up of existing HUD 2530 Reporting.
  • Transition companies into the Active Partners Performance System
  • Advise on mergers and acquisitions

2530 Risk Flags and Administrative Sanction Resolution:

Non-Compliance issues have a negative impact on our client’s ability to do new business with HUD.

  • We resolve flags with local and HUD Headquarter level staff on behalf of our clients.
  • We proactively monitor your flag report and provide you with the tools necessary to stay in compliance.
2530 Risk Flags and Administrative Sanction Resolution:
HUD Compliance Services for Management Companies

HUD Compliance Services for Management Companies

  • Management Certification (HUD 9839-b) & Staffing Report
    This document certifies to HUD that the owner and agent will abide by regulatory guidelines for management of the HUD asset. This document establishes the management fee. Incorrectly filling out the management fee portion of the form can have an adverse effect on the potential for future management fee increases.
  • For established managing agents we perform portfolio reviews to identify properties eligible to request an increase in management fees and add on fees.
  • Management Entity Profiles (HUD 9832)
  • Create new profiles and review/update existing to ensure that the managing agent is portrayed as an experienced business partner. Details about their policies and procedures, identity of interest, and complying with HUD requirements.
  • Guidance and Best Practices for Management Reviews and REAC Inspections.
  • Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract Renewals / Mark-up-to- Market (MUTM) / Utility Allowance Analysis
  • Customized Consulting Services Agreement for Managing Agents new to HUD to help them fulfill their regulatory requirements in conjunction with a HUD FHA Loan.

Unique Entity ID (UEI) and SAM Registration

Properties that receive Section 8 or Grant Funds must have a UEI number and an active registration in the System for Awards Management (SAM). Without a current registration it can delay closing on a property and delay receiving funds.

  • Create Unique Entity ID (UEI)
  • Create new registration record with core business data.
  • Perform Annual Registration renewal to revalidate the entity.
HUD Secure Systems Services

HUD Secure Systems Services

  • Serve as an outsourced Coordinator
  • Provide onboarding and offboarding for front line staff and auditors in HUD Subsystems: EIV, FASS, PASS, APPS etc..
  • Set up new Coordinators and work with them one on one to navigate the administrative responsibilities of HUD Secure Systems.
  • Troubleshoot system access and issues and address any ongoing unresolved issues.


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