GRRP Comprehensive Wave 1- Applications Due August 31st


The first application review period (wave) for the Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP) Comprehensive Awards will close in approximately two weeks at 11:59 PM ET on August 31, 2023. Applications submitted after this deadline will be eligible for three subsequent application review periods, but HUD encourages potential applicants to submit early. For details on how to apply, please visit, submit questions to, and attend office hours, which are held every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 PM ET. I’m not seeing this part. All applicants must have an active registration in the to apply.

GRRP Deadlines

GRRP Deadlines

About GRRP

The Green and Resilient Retrofit Program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the sustainability and durability of existing buildings. Through this program, buildings undergo strategic retrofits that incorporate environmentally friendly technologies and practices, contributing to energy efficiency, reduced resource consumption, and lower carbon footprints. Additionally, the program emphasizes resilience against environmental challenges, equipping buildings to better withstand and adapt to climate-related impacts. By promoting greener and more resilient structures, the Green and Resilient Retrofit Program addresses both ecological concerns and the long-term viability of our built environment.

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