Management Fee Increases: Is It Time?

Public Housing Management Fee

If you have never gone in for management fee increases or it has been a while since your last request to increase the fee, now may be the time to look into this.  The various HUD offices are required to update their fee range every (2) years.  At SSC we keep track of each of the HUD notices and assist our clients in getting the maximum allowed by HUD.  If you would like help in this process all one of our experts to assist.

HUD Releases 2023 Public Housing Management Fee Table

The Financial Management Division (FMD) has released the Calendar Year 2023 80th percentile management fees for public housing. Table 1 represents the 80th percentile of management fee
paid in HUD’s multifamily housing programs based on the most recently filed 2021 and 2022 Annual Financial Statements (AFS). Nationally, the 80th percentile management fee is $76.37 per unit month (PUM), and the admin fee is $249.03 per unit month (PUM).

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