Secured Systems Consulting Assists in Blackstone – AIG Merger

Secured Systems Consulting Assists in Blackstone - AIG Merger

In 2021, Lead Attorney Orlando Cabrera with AGG (Arnall, Gregory, and Golden) called on Rosemarie Harris of Secured Systems Consulting, for HUD expertise in the Blackstone – AIG merger. Rosemarie and Secured Systems Consulting were brought in as the HUD 2530 consultant to oversee the transaction and ensure HUD compliance.

The acquisition of AIG’s affordable housing assets was a $5.1 billion transaction, involving 80,000 affordable housing units in 42 states. It was a very complex and multi-layered affordable housing transaction, that required multiple steps and expertise in order to keep the company’s operation HUD statutes and laws.

Secured Systems Consulting oversaw several facets of HUD compliance in the merger, including securing HUD 2530 APPS applications, including organization registration and obtaining HUD 2530 APPS approvals.

Rosemarie Harris and Secured Systems Consulting ensured a smooth transaction and consistent HUD compliance as AIG sold a portion of its affordable housing assets to Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, Inc.